Karylle on ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes: “He said he never cheated on me and I trusted him.”

"He said he never cheated on me and I trusted him."

“We reached that decision aftera long process… Our schedules didn’t jibe. During weekdays, he was busy with tapings and shooting. On weekends naman, when he was free, ako naman ang hindi because I was busy with West Side,” says Karylle about her breakup with Dingdong Dantes in an exclusive interview with Philippine STAR‘s Ricky Lo.

Singer-actress Karylle granted an exclusive interview with Philippine STAR‘s Ricky Lo that came out today, November 9. Karylle, herself a columnist in the said daily broadsheet, talked about her recent breakup with Dingdong Dantes after three years of relationship.

Karylle revealed that “the breakup happened end of September.” Although, before that, she said that they were still “trying to fix things.” But in the end, they both decided to end their relationship.

As for the cause of the breakup, Dingdong said that it was “conflict of priorities” in his previous interview. As for Karylle, she said, “There were many reasons that can’t be summed up in just one statement… It’s only the two of us who know everything. People won’t get the whole story.”

But Karylle remains positive despite the breakup. She said to Ricky: “You know, whatever happened, I just think of the three years that we went steady and the things I learned from it. And the beautiful memories.”

While others choose to forget whatever memories they have before a breakup, like burning of the pictures, Karylle decided to put all her pictures with Dingdong in one album and keep it in a shelf.

“I was treasuring the beautiful memories,” Karylle said. “I didn’t throw the pictures away; hindi ko naman sila pinunit. Otherwise, it would be like I’m throwing away memories. Ayoko naman gawin ‘yon. Sayang ang memories. ‘Yon na lang ang aalalahanin ko.”

Karylle also clarified impressions that she is still in denial, since she took time to talk about her breakup with Dingdong.

“It’s hard to talk if you are not yet ready, baka kung ano pa ang masabi mo,” she explained. “I decided to take the road less traveled. Should I just cry and cry? Iiyak na lang ba ako nang iiyak? I didn’t do that.”

Instead, she went into counseling and on a retreat.

“It did me a lot of good. I’m thankful to the priest who suggested that I do that. It gave me time to think things over. I was finally able to sleep soundly.”

Karylle said that she already had three breakups. But she considers her breakup with Dingdong “times 10” painful.

Karylle explained, “Because you know why, we had good times together; ang ganda rin kasi ng pinagsamahan namin. So, mahirap…well, hindi naman talagang mahirap… I just really took my time. You know, it’s hard to fake things, to tell yourself ‘I’m okay, I’m okay’ when you know very well that you’re not okay. ‘Yon ang in denial.”

Although talks about Karylle’s breakup with Dingdong have been going around for a few weeks before their actual confirmation, Karylle still looked perfectly okay. She appears on SOP and performing in the musical play West Side Story as if nothing’s wrong between her and Dingdong.

Karylle said that the reason could be all the good things that is happening to her.

She related, “During the retreat, one of the questions was, ‘What are you most thankful for? Give me seven.’ You know, five of the seven happened just recently, the blessings. One of them is the realization na marami rin pala ang nagmamahal sa akin.”

When Ricky asked Karylle if she is now moving on, she replied: “I won’t say, ‘Moving on.’ I’d rather say, ‘Moving forward’ para mas mabilis, mas visual.”

Karylle, however, refused to answer Ricky’s question about the possibility of getting back together.

When asked if Dingdong was faithful to her, Karylle answered: “He said he never cheated on me and I trusted him.”

Did she believe him?

“Well, I trusted him,” Karylle repeated.

Karylle and Dingdong said in their previous interview with Ricky that there was “no third party involved.” The Philippine STAR entertainment editor asked Karylle again if this is true.

“Basta, all I can say is that I asked him and he said, ‘None.’ Kanino pa ba naman ako magtatanong? So, I trusted him with that answer,” Karylle replied.

Are Karylle and Marian Rivera okay? Marian is Dingdong’s onscreen partner for over a year now, and some people say that Marian might be the cause of the breakup.

Karylle said that she always makes it a point to say hi to Marian every time.

“Kahit isang daang tao pa ang nakaharang, nakikipagsiksikan ako just to say ‘Hi!’ to her,” said Karylle, who added that Marian says “Hi!” back.

In her recent interviews, Marian denied any involvement in the breakup of Karylle and Dingdong. She also insisted that she has no romantic relationship with Dingdong.

What can Karylle say about this?

“Ewan ko!” she said with a laugh. “I don’t know. Isang tao lang naman ang dapat kong tanungin at ‘yon ang sagot niya. So, ‘yon lang ‘yon. Yung iba pang alam ko, sa ibang tao ko na nalaman.”

Last Friday, November 7, it was announced that Karylle has decided to leave GMA-7 and move to ABS-CBN. Some showbiz experts say that Karylle’s transfer is also a way for her to move on, since Dingdong and Marian are considered to be the hottest loveteam in GMA-7.

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    Alexa Says:

    you could think of 101 reasons of breaking up with someone u do not really love..but when you truly love that person, it’s not the same. I’d say karylle is better off without dingdong….im not a showbiz enthusiast, but as a psychologist,i think this dingdong knows which side of the bread is buttered.

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