Yilmaz Bektas arrives in Manila

Yilmaz Bektas arrives in Manila

Ruffa Gutierrez said she knows about the arrival of Yilmaz Bektas in the country last night, April 4. However, she says, “Haven’t seen him yet… over the phone lang. But this weekend, we may have to talk ’bout some practical things.”

Since Monday, March 31, there has been a buzz saying that Ruffa Gutierrez’s estranged husband, Yilmaz Bektas, will take a short visit here in the country.

When PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) searched for some information about this, a source related that the Turkish businessman would arrive on Wednesday, April 2. But Yilmaz did not arrive, instead he came last night, April 4.

PEP managing editor Karen Pagsolingan immediately sent a text message to Ruffa to confirm this report. The TV host-actress replied through a text message: “Yes, he arrived last nite from Istanbul via Dubai on [Emirates Flight] EK334.”

Then, another reliable source told PEP that the media people who knew about this information waited for Yilmaz’s arrival, however, they failed to have an interview with him.

The source even remarked, “Last year, he was open in granting interviews left and right. Now, he’s the same old Yilmaz.”

The source was referring to Yilmaz’s countless refusals for an interview while he and Ruffa were still together. But the private Yilmaz changed last year when Ruffa publicly announced their separation. In fact, Yilmaz even sent a number of statements to different weekend talk shows containing his comment to Ruffa and how the local entertainment media were handling their marriage issue.

Meanwhile, going back to Ruffa’s text message, the former beauty queen also clarified, “Haven’t seen him yet…over the phone lang. But this weekend, we may have to talk ’bout some practical things.”

In 2003, Ruffa married Yilmaz, whom she had two daughters. The former beauty queen left her showbiz life and stayed with her family in Istanbul. However, when they separated, Ruffa returned with her daughters and decided to stay here in the Philippines. Now, she is very visible in television by hosting The Buzz every Sunday.

On the other hand, a Turkish publication called Hurriyet reported that Yilmaz is currently dating 20-year-old Zuleyka Rivera, 2006 Miss Universe from Puerto Rico.

Philippine Entertainment Portal


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    John Says:

    Yilmaz Bektas is not powerful only in turkey.All world.

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