Claudine Barretto plans to adopt anew

She’s not from Hollywood but she definitely has the heart of an Angelina Jolie when it comes to children’s welfare. Actress Claudine Barretto disclosed recently that she and hubby, actor Raymart Santiago, are thinking about adopting another child.

In an interview, the youngest of the Barretto sisters said that aside from her kids, Sabina and Santino, they’re planning to have a new member of their family two to three years from now.

“Yes pero hindi pa ngayon siguro kapag dumating na. Maliit pa masyado si Santino siguro mga two or three years ay pwede,” the actress said.

Barretto said that the idea of adopting another child is a serious matter that she and Raymart are thinking about seriously.

“Pinag-uusapan namin ni Raymart. So ngayon aside from Bantay Bata namin ni Raymart we also adopted an orphanage which is Shepherd of the Hills so ang dami naming anak doon at sa Bantay Bata din,” Barretto said.

The actress also revealed that there are a lot of orphanages that they’d been supporting though she’s now concentrating on Shepherd of the Hills, a foundation that helps hundreds of needy children through  various programs and services offered which include long and short term shelter, education, provision of basic needs practical training, adoption and discipleship.

The actress admitted that two years ago, they thought of putting up their own orphanage because since they were blessed to have their kids of their own biological child, Santino, and Sabina, their legally adopted daughter.

“Two years ago I really wanted to put up and orphange siguro dahil sobra kaming blessed because of Sabina and Santino at gusto naming ipakita kay Sabina na there’s nothing wrong of being adopted ang problema lang yung tao kung paano nilang sinasabi at kung ano ang horrow stories na sinasabi nila about sa mga batang adotped gusto naming ipakita na there’s another way of talking to them and lableling the kids” she said.

Right now, Barretto is finding a way on how to raise funds for the orphans of her chosen charity. These included funds to buy milk, diapers and other supplies.

“We are also looking for a place na pwedeng ilipat ‘yung infants from Zambales so doon ako tumututok at sa pag-rescue ng mga bata sa Bantay Bata,” she said.


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