Matt Evans Video Scandal

Former Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition housemate Matt Evans is reportedly the subject of a provocative video circulating on the Internet. The video is accompanied by a caption that reads in part: “The alleged video scandal of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Matt Evans…. Is it really him? You be the judge.”

People who have been able to view the video had mixed reactions. Some say that the guy in the video really looks like Matt, while others say that it’s a foreigner that has the same features, like the fair complexion and curly hair of the young actor. Matt has yet to issue a statement about the scandal, but already showbiz insiders are saying that the video is a fake.

Showbiz Nest



  1. 1
    alexander Says:


  2. 2
    ushergel Says:

    you know what guys its hard to find whre matt evans sex video i relly wanted to chaeck his video to prove if its is the real matt on the video.. whre i can find it?????????

  3. 3
    dohnbohn Says:

    if you wont mind forwarding the file or the link to my e-mail. thanks & more power!

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