Sensational Charlie Green of “Britain’s Got Talent” is in town!

Sensational Charlie Green of "Britain's Got Talent" is in town!

Filipino-British singing talent Charlie Green is in Manila for a string of TV appearances, as well as for a possible record deal with ABS-CBN’s Star Records. Charlie was introduced in the reality TV contest Britain’s Got Talent where he competed along with another acclaimed Filipino, Madonna Decena. Charlie’s fresh interpretation of Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” found its way to YouTube, triggering recognition of his singing talent far beyond the U.K..

Eleven-year-old Filipino-British singing sensation Charlie Green is currently in town to meet his Filipino fans. At the same time, he’ll assess the possibility of jumpstarting his career here in the country.

Charlie arrived yesterday morning, July 24, accompanied by his British father Roger Philip Green and Filipino mother Cecilia Sumargo. The family immediately went straight to the Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City. Charlie’s visit was made possible by ABS-CBN.

The young singer’s itinerary includes television appearances on ASAP 08, Wowowee, The Buzz, Pinoy Dream Academy’s Uberture, Boy & Kris and Sharon. A couple of other shows could be added to the list, depending on Charlie’s schedule and availability.

Charlie gained international attention when he joined the reality TV contest Britain’s Got Talent along with fellow Filipino singer Madonna Decena early this year. American Idol and BGT judge Simon Cowell was so moved by the boy’s talent that he called him “fantastic” amidst the audience’s loud cheers.

Though booted out of contention while competing in the semifinals, Charlie’s rendition of Frank Sinatra’s 1966 hit “Summer Wind” became a You Tube phenomenon, as proven by the staggering number of hits registered since May. The clip shows Charlie being accorded a standing ovation by the impressed audience after his inspired performance.

WINNING SIMON COWELL. This is Charlie’s fourth visit to his mom’s homeland.

“I love the Philippines. I like the weather and the people are really nice,” smiled Charlie to the media earlier today over lunch. Charlie met some members of the entertainment press in a semi-presscon prepared by ABS-CBN at the Conway’s Bar of the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City.

Recalling his Britain’s Got Talent stint, Charlie said he was touched by the enthusiastic reaction he received from the audience and the judges. Followers of the show blamed Charlie’s decision to perform an original number titled, “All I Wanna Do is Sing,” for his failure to advance. Judge Cowell even remarked “bad song choice” in front of the camera to convey his disappointment.

Despite the criticism, the famous judge Simon Cowell remained an ardent fan of Charlie.

“I met Simon Cowell after and he said, ‘You’re brilliant, Charlie, but I didn’t like your song’. But yeah, I actually really had good times in Britain’s Got Talent.”

WORKING WITH CHARICE. At his age, Charlie’s idols and musical preferences come across as quite mature . Many in Britain were actually caught flat-footed when he dished out a Sinatra tune instead of a modern pop song that suits his age.

He loves standard music and he’s a big fan of crooner Michael Buble. Charlie also counts Leona Lewis, Andrea Bocelli and Elvis Presley as his musical heroes. But like anyone who is passionate about music, the bubbly performer listens to a wide variety of genres. Letting out an animated grin, Charlie shared how he recently bombarded his ears listening to the Queen’s epic opus “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Charlie also expressed his admiration for fellow Filipino sensation Charice Pempengco. Charice is way ahead of the popularity race mainly because of her many international appearances; most notable of course were her guest appearances in popular American talk shows like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey’s. Aside from their extraordinary talent, both Charice and Charlie are considered by many as genuine You Tube darlings—with the popular video-sharing website helping tremendously in exposing them to a global audience.

Talking about Charice, Charlie beamed, “Well, she’s a great singer.” He is also open to the idea of working with the 16-year-old Junior Star Quest luminary saying, “I would love to sing with Charice.”

At the moment, Charlie is still without a recording contract. It’s safe to surmise though that Star Records already has the inside track in terms of clinching a record deal owing to the network’s good relationship with the Greens.

Mr. Roger Green told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that they are scheduled to hold a meeting with Star Records tonight to discuss the details of a possible recording contract.

“But nothing’s really definite at this point,” noted Charlie’s father. “We’ll see and also we’re hoping to get a good deal where we could market Charlie’s music here and in the U.K. or England. We would really love for him to share his talent and music here in the Philippines because he is a Filipino and this is also his home.”

Philippine Entertainment Portal


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