PBBTE+: Valerie voted out

Today is Beauty’s 17th birthday, and close buds Nikki, Robi and Alex have been planning a special celebration for days. They struck a deal with Kuya where they had to win a game in exchange for Beauty’s celebration. The teens had to go through an obstacle course where they rolled in darak or pigs’ food, and fortunately, the trio won. They went about preparing the surprise beach-themed party, irritating the celebrant no end as she couldn’t figure out what the big secret was. Kuya gave his special contribution when he called Beauty in the Confession Room while the others prepared her party outside. Since Nikki had already informed him that Beauty missed her nieces, Kuya already had a taped message from them to kick off Beauty’s special celebration. After, Nikki and Val escorted her to the poolside, where the others greeted her and later offered their birthday wishes for the Rebellious Chick. Alex came in bearing a chocolate cake, dressed in a make-shift Kapitan Boom outfit. To the strains of their fave song, the couple danced right there, to the cheers of the other housemates. Ejay and Valerie followed suit, which was just as well as it proved to be their final dance, at least for now.

With 27.82% of votes, Valerie was the unfortunate housemate to leave the house. Truly the Dazzling Doll that she was, she remained calm and collected, readily greeting the crowd with smiles and waves. Luis escorted her onstage where her Tita Violy was waiting. Valerie shared that her experience in the house was fun and happy, and that she was still determined to learn the native language. Once the video scrapbook that recalled her moments in Kuya’s house rolled, Val couldn’t help but shed tears.

Inside the house, Ejay was in denial as he numbly went through the actions, tears streaming down his cheeks. The others were quite resigned to the fact that all were going to leave eventually, and solemnly brought Val to the door earlier. Their number is dwindling fast now, and two more teens are in danger of being evicted. Nikki, who garnered 30.68% of votes, and Robi, who got 41.50%, can rest easy tonight. Tomorrow is a different story.

This Saturday, another housemate will say goodbye. It’s another nomination night tomorrow on PBB Primetime Bida. Who will be the next one out? It’ll be one eviction away from the Big Four and exactly a week to the Big Night. No leaving now, Kuyanatics! Stay updated via TV, blogs and headlines.

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