Docs, nurses in video known: OR team may lose licenses

The management of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center have already identified the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who took part in a controversial procedure that removed a deodorant cannister lodged in the rectum of a gay florists following a bout of kinky anal sex with a stranger.

Dr. Emmanuel Gines, media liaison officer of the government-run hospital, said an internal investigation into the controversy is being wrapped up by a five-man team of investigators and a report can be expected within the week.

The procedure sparked controversy when video footages taken of the operation were posted on YouTube showing what appeared to be doctors, nurses and other medical personnel screaming, shouting, and otherwise teasing and humiliating the patient, particularly after the offending object was successfully removed from his rectum.

Gines, who is a surgeon, said that “from a surgeon’s point of view, what the medical personnel did was improper. “

The management of the hospital has already identified the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who were in the video footage of an operation that recently circulated in the Internet and cellular phones.

“Yes, of course, it was improper. Whoever sees it ( the video ) would say it was improper, ” Gines said. “ Even before the media picked up the issue, we already conducted our own investigation. We stared our investigation when we knew it was being feasted on YouTube. We saw that there is something to be investigated. ”

“On the issue of the behavior of the doctors and nurses, there is no question that it was really improper, ” Gines said.

Gines’ views were sustained by Elena Rodriguez, president of the Cebu chapter of the Philippine Nurses Association.

Rodriguez, a nurse for 29 years, described as unethical the conduct of the medical practitioners in the operating room.

It is in our code of ethics that you must never vulgarize patients. We were shocked. It was not right. It was very unethical, “ Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the PNA Cebu chapter will hold a meeting on Friday to discuss the issue, especially since it involves a violation of the privacy of the patient.

The patient, a 39-year-old gay florist, surfaced the other day and threatened to file charges against the medical staff of the hospital who conducted the operation for making fun and humiliating him and subjecting him to ridicule by circulating the video of his operation and posting it on YouTube.

The operation was performed last January yet but the patient apparently only learned of the footage recently.

The video footage runs for about three minutes and shows an operating team of more than 10 people shouting and laughing, especially after the cannister was removed from the patient’s rectum.

Rodriguez said the PNA can investigate the matter with the help of the hospital but said the most it can do is recommend the revocation of the license of the nurses involved, if they are proven to have violated the ethical standards of their profession.

The Cebu Medical Society opted not to comment on the issue.

Wenna A. Berondo and Joeberth M. Ocao
The Freeman


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