Eddie, Yilmaz near tears in man-to-man talk

There were last-minute changes.

Instead of bringing daughters Lorin and Venice to a weekend beach holiday somewhere in Palawan, Yilmaz Bektas met in a compromise with estranged wife Ruffa Gutierrez and they spent all of yesterday afternoon in a get-together, complete with a magician hired by Yilmaz, which was very relaxed and devoid of tension, unlike the un-couple’s lunch last Friday, a day after Yilmaz flew in from Istanbul unexpected, where they discussed important matters concerning not so much themselves as their daughters.

The “important matters” must have included the sustento which Ruffa, in an exclusive interview with The STAR, said Yilmaz hasn’t been sending for six months now, with Ruffa saying in exasperation, “I have stopped asking him and his family for it. Anyway, I can raise my children myself.”

Last Friday night, according to somebody close to the Gutierrezes, Yilmaz and Ruffa’s dad Eddie Gutierrez had a man-to-man talk on the phone, with both men becoming “very emotional” as they talked about “family matters” that drove them to near tears.

“Eddie reminded Yilmaz how much the Gutierrezes love and value Ruffa, she being the only girl in the family,” The STAR informer said. “Eddie was sipping wine as they talked. Yilmaz was in his room at a five-star hotel in Makati. Eddie gave Yilmaz a much-needed ‘sermon’. He was visibly moved. Yilmaz told Eddie that his dad was turning 70 and the old man wants his granddaughters close by. Eddie asked Yilmaz to relay the Gutierrezes’ message of thanks to his parents for being nice and hospitable to them when he and wife Annabelle Rama visited the Bektases in Istanbul. Their phone conversation, which lasted for hours, must have ‘softened’ Yilmaz’s heart. After they talked, Yilmaz left the hotel and simply drove around the city, going back at 4 o’clock this morning.”

Since Yilmaz’s arrival, daughters Lorin and Venice have been staying with Yilmaz.

“When he got back,” The STAR informer continued, “Lorin woke up. Yilmaz was sleeping sandwiched by the two girls. Lorin asked her dad, ‘Why isn’t Mommy sleeping beside you? It would be sweet to see you sleeping together.’ Then, Yilmaz hugged her and Venice.”

Yilmaz is scheduled to fly back to Istanbul tomorrow. He came amid rumors that he has found a new love in the person of 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico whom Yilmaz described as “just a business partner” whom he escorted around when she visited Istanbul.

Contacted by STAR, Ruffa was mum, refusing to say if Yilmaz has agreed to finally give their daughters the long-delayed sustento (retroactive six months back?).

But Ruffa said that she learned that Zuleyka has bought a Chihuahua and she called it Ruffa.

“Well,” said Ruffa, laughing a bit, “I will buy naman a rat and call it Zuleyka.”

Ay, grabe!!!

The Philippine Star


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