Sharon Cuneta on Gabby Concepcion: “There’s never been closure.”

Other than her TV show, more projects keep the Megastar busy these days. “My calendar is suddenly packed again, parang sometimes, you wanna complain and say, ‘Sana ma-distribute yung workload over the four years akong hindi nag-work noon,’ pero I’m not complaining. I’m really grateful,” Sharon Cuneta shared.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta was her usual bubbly self during her contract signing with ABS-CBN chairman and chief operating officer Gabby Lopez and Star Cinema managing director Malou Santos, held yesterday, April 2, at the 9501 restaurant, ELJ Building in ABS-CBN.

In front of the press and media, she even joked, “We are Gabby [referring to the big boss of Kapamilya Network] and Sharon.”

The 42-year old multi-awarded actress is set to do the 15th anniversary offering of Star Cinema, Caregiver, under the direction of Chito Roño.

“When the story was pitched to me,” she began. “I had no doubt in my mind that I had to do the movie. Apart from the story, of course, one of my dreams has always been to be directed by Direk Chito. So now parang, do dreams have come true, so I’m really grateful.”

Caregiver will be her comeback movie since her last film Crying Ladies, which was shown in 2003.

“All I can say is that it’s really beautiful,” Sharon continued, “apart from it being my comeback, sort of comeback, in four years of being absent on the big screen. And I’m coming from Walang Kapalit, Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, and Crying Ladies in 2003, and then I got pregnant, had Miel, raised her, lost weight, looked decent enough to start filming, still losing weight so I’ll be cuter na…”

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Tomorrow, April 4, Sharon will fly to London for the shooting. “It’s the first time I will be away with my two little children and my husband for that long,” she admitted. “So I have separation anxiety—not my children. I’m the one who’s having it. I have to be home though before the 28th kasi that’s my twelfth wedding anniversary.”

The people in the room got curious. How she and Kiko are going to celebrate their anniversary?

“No, we’re very simple people,” Sharon answered. “We like a quiet dinner like Valentine’s day. We usually have someone cater na lang for us at home, ‘coz why will you go through that traffic and spend such a long time in the car when you can just be with kids?

“Wala pa. But my husband surprises me, e, every so often. So every year is a milestone.”

PROUD OF KC. Speaking of comeback, one of the reporters around the table mentioned the recent arrival of Gabby Concepcion, Sharon’s ex-husband. “Ang tema kasi ‘comeback,’ yung film mo, and there’s also another comeback that’s very hot in entertainment…”

Sharon cut in, “KC?” Everyone roared in laughter. Then she went on, “I’d like to thank all the people who have been supporting my daughter. Thank you so, so much. Hard worker.”

The Megastar started talking about the fast-growing career of KC. When she watched the Maalaala Mo Kaya episode of her eldest daughter with Gabby, she described it a “wonderful thing” and gave her daughter a rating of “good.”

She said proudly, “I don’t have a doubt about her capabilities. You have to understand her father and mother…It’s in her genes, it’s automatic. Nagulat ako…I have not seen kasi a TV drama in so long, so when I saw it, siyempre ‘pag si Direk Jerry [Sineneng], walang problema, you know you are being handled by one of the best, ang bait-bait… Ang ganda-ganda ng experience ng anak ko. Pero ‘pag TV, sobrang dami ng iyak. Parang every other eksena, ‘Ba’t may iyak yung anak ko?’

“But she’s good at it apparently. Kasi ang hirap, she’s not so expressive about her emotions. So she’s not like me. She’s really more…In more ways than one, she’s more like her Daddy, her father rather, Gabby, than me.”

GABBY’S RETURN. The press and media people, obviously interested about the reaction of the Megastar about her ex-husband, brought up the article that was put out by Ricky Lo in Philippine Star.

Sharon shot back, “What did I say there?”

Then she added with a laugh, “I am ano talaga…I wanted to take a vacation when I found out my contract signing was today, so I’m leaving in two days for London.”

But her tone turned a bit grave when she tackled the recent statement she released. “But can I just say this, I honestly, honestly don’t know… It’s different when someone is far away and different when [he’s here]. I didn’t see his interview, but I’d been told. I was told about it only this morning after I finished singing, before I got home. But what I said in the diyaryo that’s essentially it.”

Since Gabby arrived last Sunday, March 30, fans have been entertaining the idea of a Sharon-Gabby movie, so is there a possibility?

“I hope you understand that it’s a very sensitive issue and I’m in a situation that’s intrigue-friendly. But I’ll say that I wish that we could do a movie together because we each have our own life. There are people in our lives now that mean more to us than we once meant to each other, and it’s not just our feelings anymore. There are other people involved. So as an actress, a professional that has been here for thirty years, it would have been a wonderful thing to work with someone like [Gabby].

“So, I’m so comfortable…not…I couldn’t use ‘comfortable,’ I’d say ‘used to’ working with [him] ‘coz we did grow up together. Then, I started my career with him. It’s been so long, when we did Dear Heart, I was 15, I’m now 42. My daughter is turning 23 on April 7. And at 23, I was already a single mother who immersed myself in work and refused to have a day off, except to be with KC, ‘coz I needed to work.”

MIXED EMOTIONS. The intelligent and voluble Sharon admitted having mixed emotions when she heard about resurrecting her screen tandem with her former husband.

She said, “I’m actually amazed and half-surprised and half-not really, that we still have a huge following, and that Tita Malou Santos told me that the biggest clamor is for a movie, Sharon-Gabby.”

And Gabby’s arrival made her realize one thing.

“It’s hard lang talaga and I really don’t know. I’m so sorry and as honestly as I can put it, I don’t know what to say but I just realized…” she said. “I don’t know if it was printed, but I told Kuya Ricky that I realized only recently that when I come across something about him—there’s no more pain.

“Because I’m in a good position now. God blessed me with a husband who’s really loving and caring. I have a great family and I would not do anything to disrupt the peace and the happiness of the home that we have. And I’m sure Gabby also feels the same thing.”

One of the media people pointed out that KC welcomes the idea of being in a movie with her mom and/or dad, what can she say?

To this, Sharon answered lengthily, “When she started doing commercials, she was 16. It’s not that I don’t want it too, and she was right also….It must have been hard for my daughter to make her own mark and step out of my shadow kasi babae siya….So I understood totally.

“So once she had established herself, not just as a model in commercials, but as an endorser, meaning, she was bringing her name to it. It’s not just the product’s name on it, it’s her name already that had some importance. Then that was when we did our one and only commercial together, which is the Eskinol. That was also in 2003, before she went to Paris. And then, I guess, it would be the same in movies.”

She and Gabby became a hit love team in ’80s. They fell in love and got married in 1984. They had KC a year later. They parted. They managed to do several movies even after separation. Then Gabby left for the U.S. in 1995, and Sharon married Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

The media asked: Was there ever a closure between her and Gabby?

Sharon, looking like she was controlling her emotions, answered, “No, there’s never been closure.”

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