GMA slams door on Cristine for ‘bad behavior’

It happens all the time.

Like the mythological character Icarus who burns his wings while trying to fly, wrongly thinking that he can soar on his own, many showbiz denizens start having, ehem, grand illusions when they feel that they have made a “name” for themselves, only to collide with painful reality. Ouch!!!

Let’s hope that the law of gravity doesn’t catch up with Cristine Reyes on whom GMA Network has just slammed its door with a “good riddance” tag stuck at her back.

You see, these past few weeks, Cristine has been blithely showing up in shows on rival channel ABS-CBN, among them Wowowee which is hosted by her “special friend” Willie Revillame, saying that her contract with GMA has expired.

“She is welcome to leave,” according to a statement from the GMA Corporate Communications Dept. (CCD). Meaning, if she wants to go, by all means go!

Here’s the full statement furnished Funfare by GMA’s CCD:

GMA has decided to drop Cristine Reyes from its roster of talents because of her attitude and behavior. She is welcome to leave. The Network has a lot more serious artists to assign important projects to and develop into fine, professional actors. That being said, GMA Network has now closed its doors on Cristine.

The Philippine Star


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