Talking and texting even while airborne

Mobile phone subscribers can soon enjoy roaming services while airborne.

Globe Telecoms has partnered with AeroMobile to allow its postpaid subscribers enjoy safe and convenient use of their mobile phones while on board selected airlines.

Subscribers can make and receive calls and short messaging system or text messages as long as the subscriber’s mobile phone is GSM capable.

Globe postpaid subscribers need not worry about potential adverse effects of the mobile phone’s signal on the aircraft’s systems as the AeroMobile system is designed so that it does not affect any other aircraft systems or sub systems, according to a press statement from one of the country’s giant telecom companies.

The AeroMobile system controls all mobile phones on the aircraft so that they operate at the minimum power level, it said.

Globe is on a mission not only to relentlessly provide international roaming breakthroughs that make the company the leader in this arena, but also to make the world smaller by bridging the distance between continents, the statement said.

With more than 450 roaming partners in over 200 destinations worldwide that support the system, Globe’s airline roaming service is proof of an on-going effort to keep Globe subscribers connected all the time, wherever they are in the world, the telecoms giant said.



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