Dina Bonnevie faces Pia Guanio in a one-on-one interview

Dina Bonnevie faces Pia Guanio in a one-on-one interview

“Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten married so early. Siguro, I wouldn’t have gotten married if later on in my life, siguro I would have wait until I’m 30,” said Dina Bonnevie (right) when asked by Pia Guanio (left) what she would change in her life if she’ll be given a chance.

Dina Bonnevie finally sat down with Pia Guanio, who is the current girlfriend of Dina’s ex-husband Vic Sotto, in a one-on-one interview on Showbiz Central yesterday, March 30.

“Para bang napaka-big deal,” commented Ms. D, popular name of Dina, about the interview that was initially set last week. “Actually, ang hindi nila alam, matagal na tayong nag-uusap.

While people though that it was the first time that the two ladies in Vic’s life would see each other in public, Dina narrated that she already met Pia when they both endorsed a certain product. However, during that time, Pia was not yet the girlfriend of Vic. The two met again at the wedding of Danica, eldest child of Dina and Vic, with PBA star Marc Pingris.

When asked by Pia how she felt that time, Dina answered, “When I saw you, parang, ‘Hi,’ parang wala lang. Kasi for me, I have moved on. I’m just really happy for Vic and I am happy for you na sana nga talagang maging kayo na at alagaan mo siya.

“I’m very happy that he found somebody as intelligent as you, somebody as beautiful as you. Lahat na ‘ata na sa ‘yo, importante ‘yon. Take care of him,” Dina said to Pia.

CONSULTATION WITH VIC. Speaking of Vic, Pia asked Dina when does she consult Vic with regards to their children.

Dina honestly answered, “Actually, Vic and I, we talk lang kunwari about school. Example, sabihin ko, ‘I think you should encourage our children, you know, to go back to school, to take futher studies kasi importante ‘yan. Si Oyo baka gusto niyang mag-college, ganyan-ganyan.’ That’s when I talk to him, I really consult to him. Pero when it comes to matters of the heart or love life, hindi ako nakikialam.

“Ngayon in the future, harinawa huwag namang mangyari, di ba, magkaroon ng problema yung mga bata—si Marc at saka si Danica—of course, I’m going to go to, ‘Vic tulungan naman natin yung mga bata.’ In the same time, that I’m going to approach the father of Marc.

“Pero I don’t see it happening naman because, you know, they [Danica and Marc] love each other so much. They have a very good relationship, which is closely based on God as the center of their relationship. Masyado silang fixed sa kanilang Bible reading and they really practice all the Christian beliefs na itinuturo sa church, so I don’t see it happening naman.”

ADVICE FOR MARRIED COUPLE. In the inteview, Dina was also asked about the worst thing that has ever happened in her life. And Dina thought that it was having a marriage that did not work out, just like what happened to her and Vic.

Dina said, “Now, hiwalay na kami, we’re annulled. But still my advice to people who are married that plan to separate—it’s not a good thing, try to work it out.

“Siguro that’s the worst kasi simula noon, I had to be a single parent, I raised my kids, I have to work even up to now. Parang, di ba, you’re on your own?”

However, Dina thought of it as something not too negative. In fact, she also saw this as a challenge that helped her improve her life.

The dramatic actress said, “But the good side of it, I can also say that it’s the best thing that happened because out of that, I learned to become very, very independent. I learned to be an entrepreneur at a very young age. I learned how to make money outside of show business. I learned the ropes of the corporate world.”

Aside from earning her own money for her kids, Dina also said that this experience kept eagerness to learn new things.

She said, “I began to even have a greater passion for learning more than I had when I was in high school and college. Kasi I’m a very studious person but even after that, all the more I strove to improve myself.

“So, I can’t say that it’s the worst thing that has happened to me because it’s also the best thing that happened to me. Both ways, somehow it worked. And I believe that God always has a reason, you know, for things to happen to you. And maybe that is the purpose, otherwise we wouldn’t have really met.”

She then taunted Pia, “And I’m really, really happy that he’s [Vic] with you now. Bagay kayo and I really hope na kayo na. Sana.”

MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Dina also expressed in the interview how she loves her children. In fact, the actress admitted that her biggest fear was dying without seeing her children enjoying a stable life.

She said, “Ang biggest fear ko is what kung may mangyari, ‘tapos I die way ahead of them. Parang, gusto kong mangyari yun when my kids are already married or stable, they have businesses outside of show business. They have a peaceful, stable, happy family life.

“Values are intact the way I raise them to be good children. And as what Vic would always say, ‘You don’t learn everything you need to learn in school, but you’ll learn it from you mother’s knee. So, you’ll learn it at home. Yun lang ang fear ko—sana kung mamatay man ako, yung okay na sila, matatag na lahat.”

SURPRISE BIRTHDAY. Dina paused for a while and smiled when Pia asked her who was the last person who made her cry. “My Bebe…[at] my birthday,” said Dina smiling. She was referring to her boyfriend of three years, a Lebenese named Habib Shammas.

Dina recalled, “He planned it kasi parang right after that, nobody greeted me. Sabi ko, ‘My gosh, wala man lang nakaalala ng birthday ko, wala man lang bumati! ‘Tapos, pagpasok ko, heto na si Oyo dala-dala yung cake. So, siyempre parang naiyak din ako kasi parang I don’t always get to see Oyo, e, kasi he’s very, very busy and he doesn’t live with me.

“Kapag si Oyo nakikita ko, bihira lang kasi, parang meron akong joy na extra talaga kasi bihira kong makita ang anak kong lalaki. Kaya umiyak talaga ako, ‘Kayo talaga nag-connive kayo and you’re all here? Everyone who is important in my life was there.’”

BABANGON AKO’T DUDURUGIN KITA. Dina said that she used to say this phrase to someone but now it has changed and left everything to God.

The actress explained, “I learned that vengeance is not ours, it is God. Mayroon tayong isang Diyos na hindi natutulog, mayroon tayong isang Panginoon na pinapanood ang lahat ng ginagawa natin, maging tama man o maging mali. Para sa kanya, hindi niya sinasabi na, ‘O, mali ‘yan, o, tama ‘yan.’ You have your own free will to do everything as you please.

“But because He is a loving Father and a loving God, just like a father para rin siyang child kapag nagkamali. Ganun din ang ating Ama pero nandoon din siya na malaki ang pagmamahal Niya sa atin na madali siyang magpatawad—to bring us back to him and to take care of us.”

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