Yilmaz Bektas charters a plane for new girlfriend Zuleyka Mendoza—Turkish broadsheet

Yilmaz Bektas charters a plane for new girlfriend Zuleyka Mendoza—Turkish broadsheet

These photos of Turkish businessman and 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza were published in a Turkish publication, Hurriyet, for a report about the couple’s romance.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) came out with a story last Saturday, March 29, about the affair of Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas and 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza. Yilmaz, of course, is the estranged husband of TV host-actress Ruffa Gutierrez, who became Miss World second runner-up in 1993. Ruffa’s name was also mentioned in the article.

PEP’s report was based on a story that came out in Hurriyet, a Turkish publication, last week.

Written in Turkish, the Hurriyet article talked about Yilmaz chartering a plane for Zuleyka to bring her to Istanbul. The article was accompanied by photos, taken by OK! Magazine, showing the couple while dining at the exclusive Zuma restaurant.

The 20-year-old former Miss Universe is from Puerto Rico and starting her career as a television actress.

Here is the English translation of the Hurriyet article about Yilmaz and Zuleyka:

Title: Yilmaz Bektas charters plane for Zuleyka

Sub-head: 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza and her boyfriend Yilmaz Bektas didn’t escape OK magazine!

Lead: Married five years ago to 1993 Miss World Ruffa Gutierrez in the capital city Manila, now recently divorced Yilmaz Bektas is romancing Zuleyka Mendoza this week at Zuma restaurant.

Article: Married in 2003 to former Miss World [2nd runner-up] Ruffa Gutierrez, now divorced Yilmaz Bektas is flirting with 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Mendoza. This week for his lover he chartered a private plane to bring her to Istanbul, but they didn’t get by OK! magazine who took their photos!

The former owner of Fashion TV, Bektas’s passion for beautiful runway girls and luxury cars is well known in the magazine world. Bektas’s playboy style first got the attention of 1998 world beauty, Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud.

Then five years ago in Manila, Bektas married 1993 Miss World Ruffa Gutierrez in a high-profile event. The wedding had 800 guests, with the Turkish side being brought in by a private, chartered plane. However, all good things end and the happy couple went their separate ways, and Bektas is once again tasting the bachelor life.

Living in Spain for work reasons, Yilmaz is at it again with a new beauty. His latest target is Puerto Rico’s 2006 world beauty Zuleyka Mendoza. Together for a while already, they’re now spending romantic days in Istanbul.

Just like a state minister

Coming into İstanbul Atatürk Airport in a luxury private plane, staying at the jet set Les Ottomans presidential suite, and flown in to the Cigaran Palace Hotel Kempinski’s helicopter pad all for Zuelyka.

Waiting for her was a black Mercedes, with two escort cars filled with bodyguards which took her to her hotel. After resting a long while at the hotel, the beauty headed out for dinner with Bektas to the far eastern Zuma restaurant in Ortakoy. Trying to avoid the paparazzi, the couple made separate entrances at dinner, and left separately at the end of the night.

When PEP asked Ruffa about her reaction to the Hurriyet article, she simply replied: “No comment.”

Philippine Entertainment Portal


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