Gabby to sign with ABS-CBN despite contract with GMA Films

MANILA, Philippines—Gabby Concepcion will soon become a “kapamilya” as part of the ABS-CBN roster of talents, the actor announced in ABS-CBN footage aired over the show biz talk show “The Buzz”, when he arrived in Manila Sunday morning after a 13-year hiatus leading a private life in the United States.

Concepcion’s new manager, film producer Rose Flaminiano, also confirmed this in a separate taped interview with “The Buzz.”

Details of any concrete agreements however were not yet disclosed.

In a live interview over “The Buzz” on Sunday, Concepcion said he had “made peace” with former wife Sharon Cuneta and would “look forward” to a film project with her and daughter KC Concepcion.

He also disclosed reconciling with former talent manager Lolit Solis before the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez fight in Las Vegas when she approached and greeted him. Solis was named in City of Manila charges as the mastermind of the 1994 Manila Film Fest scam, in which he and Gutierrez were wrongly given acting awards. Concepcion left for the U.S. the following year “to start a new life,” he told “The Buzz” on Sunday.

Accompanied by Flaminiano, Concepcion greeted reporters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport arrival area and said he was in the country to visit his ailing father and attend KC’s birthday celebration. While he announced his upcoming deal with ABS-CBN, he said there were no definite plans yet on his show biz comeback.

Concepcion was supposed to play the lead male character in a GMA Films project to be shot in Europe but backed out after he allegedly did not like the script. According to GMA Films producer Annette Gozon-Abrogar, Concepcion is still under contract with film company.

Concepcion said in “The Buzz” interview on Sunday said that he would honor the commitment despite his upcoming deal with ABS-CBN, GMA’s rival network.

Philippine Daily Inquirer


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