Ira Eigenmann’s alleged nude photos proliferate in cyberspace

Ira Eigenmann's alleged nude photos proliferate in cyberspace

Is she or she’s not? Scandalous pictures (inset) allegedly of young actress Ira Eigenmann are fast becoming the hottest topic among Internet enthusiasts. As of the moment, Ira and her camp are still mum about the controversial photos.

As of late, racy pictures allegedly of young actress Ira Eigenmann are spreading in the Internet like wildfire; with various websites and blogs posting the unflattering images while simultaneously creating links to spread the pictures specifically into adult forums.

Ira, who is part of ABS-CBN’s afternoon drama series Prinsesa ng Banyera, belongs to the popular Eigenmann clan whose members include some of the most respected names in the Philippine entertainment industry beginning with patriarch Eddie Mesa and wife Rosemarie Gil. Following in their parents’ footsteps were Mark Gil, Michael de Mesa, and Cherie Gil.

Today, new generations of acting Eigenmann’s include Ryan, Geoff, Gabby AJ, Andy, and Ira. Ira is the daughter of Mark Gil and actress Irene Celebre and the brother of Gabby.

There are rumors circulating that Ira’s ex-boyfriend, who is said to be an American, took the provocative pictures then later on posted them on the web. Others, however, contest the authenticity of the images by saying that the woman shown in the photo is not Ira at all—arguing that the pictures were either fabricated or the woman involved is just a splitting image of the young actress.

Whatever the real score is, Ira must take the initiative to come up with an official statement to shed light on this sensitive issue that is fast becoming a cyberspace sensation.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) is not releasing the more explicit photos—complete nudity, touching of breasts, and bare back side—until we are certain that the girl in these pictures in fact wants them for publicity photos.

Philippine Entertainment Portal


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