Was Star Cinema ahead of Hollywood?

Here’s an interesting letter from reader F.S. Santos:

I saw the movie 27 Dresses and I was hoping somebody else noticed it so I didn’t have to write you. But I have not seen or heard it brought up, so I finally decided to break my silence.

Well, 27 Dresses is much like Got 2 Believe in Magic produced by Star Cinema seven or so years ago. If Got 2 Believe was made after 27 Dresses, people would say it ripped the idea off the Holywood movie. But it seems to be the other way around.

The female characters in both movies play wedding planners, although Claudine Barretto’s character does it as a profession and business while in 27 Dresses it is unclear and somehow suggests that the female character does it to help friends and because she’s a wedding freak.

Both the male characters play journalists who want to write an article about the leading female character’s inability to hitch a groom; she’s forever a bridesmaid.

The plots of 27 Dresses and Got 2 Believe are almost the same. In 27 Dresses, the sister marries the wedding planner’s crush; in Got 2 Believe it’s the best friend who marries the crush, etc.

Now, in this case, wasn’t Star Cinema a step ahead of Hollywood?

The Philippine Star


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