Frail Elizabeth Taylor still smiling as she’s seen on rare public outing

A frail Dame Elizabeth Taylor smiled gamely as she was seen on a rare public outing at a restaurant in Hollywood.

Though still confined to a wheelchair because of curvature of the spine and the bone condition osteoporosis, the 75-year-old veteran of the silver screen appeared happy to be seen in public, as she left restaurant Abbey’s in West Hollywood.

With her dog on her lap, wearing a pair of sparkly sunglasses, a colourful outfit, and even a pair of high-heeled boots Elizabeth has clearly still got plenty of the pluck left, despite her prolonged battle with ill-health.

She was also wearing a number of pricey-looking jewels from her fabulous collection.

Elizabeth, who also appears to have lost a significant amount of weight, has in recent years battled a litany of ailments, including congestive heart failure and a benign brain tumour, and was previously too ill to venture out. Last year, a bloated and clearly pain-racked Elizabeth was photographed while being lowered by a winch into a glass tank off the coast of Hawaii, so she could go swimming with sharks.

But she has since given up the cocktail of painkillers and steroids she took for years to control her agonising back condition.

Friends blamed her medication for the slurred speech and confused state which caused her to retreat for nearly three years to the specially-built hospital room at her lavish home, giving rise to that gossip that she was succumbing to dementia.

And clearly, the change has done her some good, as the actress appeared in good spirits as she was wheeled by an assistant in Hollywood.

Such was her recovery following years of reclusiveness, it was even rumoured that the two-times Oscar-winner was about to embark on a ninth marriage to 47-year-old businessman Jason Winters.

She told a US newspaper: “Jason Winters is one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known and that’s why I love him.”

But friend, Martin Delaney, the founder of a San Francisco Aids charity of which Winters has been a patron for more than 15 years, rebuffed the rumours.

He told the Mail: “I don’t know how a marriage between them could take place. That’s not the kind of relationship they’ve got.

“Elizabeth is friends with Jason and his long-term friend, Erik Sterling. Jason and Erik are both on the board of the charity and they have a house in Hawaii.

“I know Elizabeth is very close to Jason, but the idea of them marrying is silly stuff.”

He is said by friends to have revived her interest in politics and persuaded her to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign to become U.S. President.

Daily Mail


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