Regine is ‘jobless’ but looking forward to motherhood

She might be jobless right now but singer Regine Velasquez is nevertheless quite happy and even looking forward to eventually–although she said it won’t be any time soon–becoming the mother of fellow singer and current romantic partner Ogie Alcasid’s child.

Velasquez, who’s been dubbed “Asia’s Songbird” by the entertainment press, admitted that she’s not ready to be a mother right now but she’s already starting to prepare herself physically and emotionally for that milestone.

“Because of the times now kasi kahit ano pwede mo ng gawin ngayon. Hindi ba sa Hollywood patandaan nga sila kung magbuntis doon (Nowadays you can get pregnant whenever you want. Isn’t it that in Hollywood the celebrity mothers are getting older),” Velasquez told members of entertainment media.

Velasquez added that both she and Alcasid are already planning and preparing for their future — including having a family of their own.

“I said I want to be ready, that’s why I’m preparing and right now I have to admit that we are getting there but since we have so many things to settle,” she said.

Regine: No ‘leverage’ tryOne of the things that the singer quickly settled is the alleged “leveraging” that she supposedly engaged in to get her home network, GMA-7 to give her a more lucrative contract.

Velasquez appeared on The Buzz on Sunday and denied speculations in the entertainment press that she made overtures or sent “feelers” to ABS-CBN in order to strengthen her position in negotiations with her home network, now that her contract is up for renewal.

Rumors about her supposed decision to move to ABS-CBN began after she guested in the network’s late night drama series “Maala-ala Mo Kaya” on February 15 and intensified when viewers saw Velasquez on February 17, weeping during “SOP”– a Sunday noontime variety show that she co-hosts.

The other SOP hosts were crying, too.According to reports that came out, Velasquez used a 25 million-peso contract offer from ABS-CBN as leverage to get a better deal from GMA-7. The singer strongly denied such reports but did say that “someone” from ABS-CBN visited her in her dressing room one time when she was guesting in Sharon Cuneta’s show.

“It was no big deal. We were just talking. It was very informal,” Velasquez told The Buzz host Boy Abunda.The singer said that she was the one who broached the idea to that “someone” that she wanted to play the role of “Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty)” in the Philippine edition of the popular TV series that was first aired in Mexico and later imported into United States television to great success.

“I kindda mentioned Betty La Fea and said I wanted to, I’m interested to do it. Of course at that time I didn’t know that ABS-CBN has the rights, so yun ganun lang. And then after a few days it was offered to me.But I just want to make clear na hindi kami umabot sa 25 million. Kasi negotiation na yon. Walang ganun. Walang 25 million na offer.

“Kumbaga, nagpakita rin naman ako ng interes. I don’t think that’s sending feelers or anything. Kung yun eh feeler man, or whatever, so be it. I’m interested in the job, why not (In other words, I expressed interest. I don’t think that’s sending feelers of anything. If it is, then so be it),” explained Velasquez.

The singer said that her genuine interest in doing “Betty La Fea” and her excitement over the subsequent offer from ABS-CBN made her decide to say good-bye to GMA-7 on February 17. She explained that since she already said her farewells to the station, she and her friends in SOP could not help but cry over her last day in the show.

“I went to GMA. Nagpaalam ako sa GMA. You see pangit naman na makipag-negotiate na ako with ABS without letting GMA know… I did not want to negotiate behind GMA’s back… I said ‘I’ve already decided that I want to do Betty La Fea’,” she told Abunda.

Velasquez emphasized that she was genuinely interested in doing Betty La Fea; she pointed out that she would not have risked employment at GMA-7 and her good relations with GMA-7’s officials, talents and staff if she was merely creating a ruse to get better terms in her new contract with the station.

ABS-CBN denies offer

An official statement from ABS-CBN however denied that the network ever made any offer to Velasquez.

“There’s no offer to Regine from ABS-CBN and the alleged P25 million bait is not true. ABS-CBN does not pirate talents from other stations, but we entertain talks if the talents themselves open up the discussion,” said the statement.

Velasquez told Abunda that she feels “a little hurt” by the network’s denial that it offered her the chance to play Betty La Fea.

Velasquez however said that she still has great respect for both ABS-CBN and GMA-7, although she’s beginning to assume that the former might no longer be interested in her since the controversy came out.

The singer said that she has not said yes to any offer from any of the rival networks and so is out of work, but thanked both networks for keeping her in mind. She said that she’s going to take some more time to think things over.



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