Jennylyn at Patrick malabo nang magkatuluyan

Ayon sa aktres, she issued a curt yet categorical “Sobrang labo” statement when asked if the wedding would still push through.

Jennylyn Mercado’s emotional outpouring on Startalk yesterday only reaffirmed her friend’s text message to a program staff that she and boyfriend Patrick Garcia are presently faced with problems.

Sa interview ni Butch Francisco, inamin ni Jen na hindi siya madalas dalawin ni Pat contrary to the actor’s claim that he pays her a visit almost daily. Ni text daw ay hindi ginagawa ni Pat, even her repeated calls are unreturned.

Kinumpirma rin ni Jen na siya na lang daw ang bumili ng pagkain nang minsang maglambing sa syota, and Patrick told her that in person gayung Jen vaguely remembered they had a fight. Ikinatwiran na lang ni Jen ang mood swings ni Pat who, in most instances, gets easily incensed whenever their topic of conversation borders on their relationship plans.

But the biggest revelation made by Jen in the interview had something to do with their wedding plans. Ayon sa aktres, she issued a curt yet categorical “Sobrang labo” statement when asked if the wedding would still push through.

All this time, these things are happening under Mommy Lydia’s nose! But Jen, who’s been suffering in silence, is now spilling the beans.

Surely, young women out there trapped in the same situation (of untimely pregnancies, worse, of being engaged to irresponsible, good-for-nothing, self-centered partners) feel for Jen.

Pero kung may nakakabilib na katangian si Jen, ‘yun ang paninindigan niyang kaya niyang itaguyod ang kanyang magiging anak with or without the support of Pat. Although looking at it from a negative point of view, handa na rin daw ang aktres kung tuluyan nang mawala si Pat sa kanya as the worst case scenario she could possibly fathom.

Go, Jen. Get a life.

Masuwerte pa nga si Jen dahil nakilala niya agad ang pagkatao ni Pat in their one year and four months of being engaged. And she’s all the more lucky that no civil wedding ever took place: an act that Patrick so cunningly engineered para kuno-kunong palabasin na kaya niyang panindigan ang kanyang responsibilidad.

Jen had better focus more on her career, and much more on the forthcoming baby, lalo pa’t nagbigay na ng assurance ang GMA Artist Center that it’s looking for projects that she can take on despite her pregnant condition.

For now, mag-rehearse na lang si Jen for her anniversary (she’s been in the business for five years) concert on February 2 at Zirkoh. Zirkoh? After all, in love we go around in circles.

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