Baron Geisler kicked out of PBB House

Troubled actor Baron Geisler finally got the boot at the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) House Wednesday afternoon after his latest meltdown following a bout of drinking on Christmas Eve.

After the latest incident involving Geisler’s defiance of a prohibition from Big Brother banning him from taking any alcoholic beverage inside the PBB House, he was forcibly evicted from the premises, ending all chances for him to win any of the Big Four prizes in the Celebrity Edition Season 2.

Geisler, younger brother of Philippine tae kwon do champion Donnie, is known for his outrageous, even violent behavior under the influence of alcohol. He had previously been to rehab.

Two weeks before he was kicked out, Geisler had displayed his Jekyll-and-Hyde tendencies after a drinking session with his fellow housemates. His subsequent behavior involved uncontrolled screaming, wearing underwear on his head, and making lewd gestures at female housemates.

He also repeatedly cursed Big Brother inside the confession room.

After Geisler was shown footage of his embarrassing behavior while drunk, he promised not to touch alcohol every again if he is forgiven and granted a second chance.

However, during the celebrity housemates’ Christmas party, Geisler drank several beers and again repeated his wild antics. There were tense moments when the other housemates moved all knives and sharp objects from his proximity.

Geisler also became verbally abusive against the other housemates and at one point even threatened to attack model Will Devaughn.

At the confession room, Geisler also verbally abused Big Brother and at one point, began talking with the microphone’s head inside his mouth. He kept coming in and out of the confession room, smoking a cigarette while unbuckling his belt and jeans.

Geisler was involved in a traffic incident back in 2005, when his vehicle collided with another car along Commonwealth Road in Quezon City. At the police station, he became verbally abusive toward policemen and the victim.

It was later proven that while Geisler was very drunk at the time, his companion was the one driving the car when the incident happened.

Geisler, who was a talent in ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, issued an official statement apologizing for the 2005 incident:

“Mr. Baron Geisler, ABS-CBN Star Magic artist, is extending his sincerest apologies to everyone for his untoward behavior in the recent accident he was involved in. In the early morning of February 2, 2005, Baron was on his way home from a gathering from a friend’s house. He admitted that he drank a few bottles of beer in the gathering but vehemently denies taking any prohibited drugs. Baron was drunk but definitely not “bangag”, as some sources claimed. (He is willing to undergo a drug test just to disprove the accusations.) Regarding the vehicular accident, Baron can prove that he was not the one driving. Both parties have settled that same morning. Baron is apologizing to Mr. Ablan for the inconvenience he caused due to the accident and for his actions when they were in the precinct. He is aware that being an “artista”, he has to set good examples for others to follow.”

It seems that almost three years after the incident, Geisler has yet to face the demons raging inside him. And he will do that outside the relative safety of the PBB House.



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