Showbiz yearender part 2


MERYLL Soriano was jubilant at the start of the year when she reported that she was pregnant. But her happiness didn’t last long as, in February, it was reported that she left her husband Bernard Palanca and went home to her Mommy Becbec.

They confirmed this later on. Her marriage to Bernard lasted for only four months, making it the most short-lived in local showbiz.

No one believed Alma Moreno’s relationship with Gerald Madrid, who’s just the same age as her eldest son, Mark Anthony Fernandez, would last. And indeed they broke up when Alma decided to run for councilor in Parañaque, but she insists it’s not her foray into politics that caused their breakup.

One showbiz marriage that crumbled was that of Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto, after three kids. Marjorie was linked to the mayor of Caloocan City who helped her when she campaigned as councilor, but she denied the rumor. She says the reasons why she decided to dump Dennis are something else, but she won’t reveal what they are. Some say it’s because Dennis has a drinking problem, but they won’t confirm this. We heard their marriage turns out to be not valid at all, since Dennis is still legally married to his first wife, Monina Gatus.

What really rocked showbiz were reports that Kris Aquino and husband James Yap had called it quits. Kris confirmed the rumor in “The Buzz” and the culprit turned out to be an employee at Belo Clinic named Hope Centeno. Some said Hope is just obsessed with James and it’s not true that they had an affair, but Hope showed her pictures with James and his text messages to her and Lolit Solis said, when Hope guested in “Startalk”, that she believes Hope was telling the truth.

Kris was pregnant when the news broke out, and the baby’s life was put into risk because of the stress she was experiencing then. She left her hosting chores on TV and rested in bed until Baby James was born. Eventually, she forgave the repentant James and they are still together up to now.

Another couple whose relationship was put into a test was that of ex-Pampanga Gov. Mark Lapid, who was then running for re-election, and Tanya Garcia. A Korean girl interviewed on TV revealed that Mark married her in the States and they have a child. This turned out to be true and possibly became one of the reasons why Mark lost in his re-election bid. He brought Tanya to the U.S. where she eventually delivered their baby girl.

Another much talked about showbiz romance is that of Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid. For a couple of years now, Ogie is reported to have broken up with wife Michelle Van Eimeren who now resides in Sydney, Australia with their two daughters, Leila and Sara, and that he has found new romance in Regine.

They will not confirm it. But early this year, Ogie said he’d announce something in June. By May, he admitted that he and Michelle have called it quits and he’s now indeed romancing Regine. Some quarters called Regine a homewrecker, but Ogie said they only hooked up after his marriage crumbled. On Ogie’s birthday last August, they talked to Michelle by phone and Michelle herself announced that her marriage to Ogie can no longer be saved and that she welcomes Regine as the new girl in his life.

A controversial breakup was that of Ruffa Gutierrez and Turkish husband Yilmaz Bektas. Ruffa came home in February to host RPN-9’s “Philippines’ Next Top Model”. She denied she has a marital problem so she surprised everyone when she suddenly announced on May 7 that she’s no longer going back to Yilmaz as their relationship has ended. Yilmaz had himself interviewed on TV and issued his own statement, blaming Ruffa’s materialistic relative for the break-up. He admitted later he’s referring to Annabelle Rama, who also had herself interviewed on TV, crying that she’d die if ever Ruffa would choose to reconcile with Yilmaz. Ruffa confessed later that she’s a battered wife. Yilmaz later on retracted all his allegations and apologized to Ruffa and her parents.

Yilmaz visited Ruffa and they were cordial to each other, but she chose not to patch things up with him. Ruffa’s showbiz career was revived, with her being made a part of the hit telefantasya, “Kokey”, replacing Kris Aquino as “The Buzz” co-host, and doing a new movie, “Desperadas”, a Metro Filmfest entry from Regal Films.

2007 is a prolific year with so many visits from the stork. Sexpot Aleck Bovick gave birth to her and Carlo Maceda’s son named Leon Lancelot in January.

Aleck gained so much weight but she says this is just okay with Carlo who accepts her for what she is. It was also in January when Patricia Javier delivered her and husband Robert Douglas Walcher III’s first son, called Robert Douglas Walcher IV. Her hubby later competed as a male model at the World Championship of the Performing Arts, model category, and won in the 30 and above age bracket.

Other stars who gave birth this year are Claudine Barretto (baby boy named Rodrigo Santino with Raymart Santiago as dad), Matet de Leon (a baby girl, her third child with cager husband Mike Estrada, but the second one passed away in infancy), Julia Clarete (a baby boy, Vanna Garcia (baby boy, allegedly by a Chinese businessman), singer Dulce (who gave birth to a baby girl on April 30 at the age of 45 by her second husband after singer Danny Cruz), singer Barbie Almalbis (baby girl, the father is Martin Honasan who’s the son of Sen. Gringo Honasan), Janna Victoria (baby girl named Jordana Briel whose dad is her non-showbiz BF Joseph Flores), PBB winner Nene Tamayo (baby boy, sired by her dancer husband Antonio Plamio), and Jackie Manzano (a boy, her fourth child with Anjo Yllana. Jackie had a delicate pregnancy when it was discovered in the States that she has a heart ailment and continuing the pregnancy might endanger her own life. She was advised to terminate the pregnancy but Jackie defied the wish of her doctor delivering the infant without any problems last November. Former matinee idol Onemig Bondoc became a father when his French-Filipino girlfriend named Valerie delivered their baby girl even if they have yet to tie the knot.

A lot of people were surprised when former child star, Camille Prats (best known as “Sarah, Munting Prinsesa”) confessed that she’s infanticipating at 23, courtesy of her non showbiz boyfriend.

Beauty queen Carlene Aguilar was seen shopping for maternity clothes here but she denied she’s preggy. In the U.S., someone saw her again with a bulging belly and this time, she admitted she’s with child but denied rumors that her ex-BF Dennis Trillo is the father. It turned out to be true.

Also preggy is Donna Cruz (her third child with husband Dr. Yong Larrazabal), and singer-dancer Cherry Lou (who tied the knot with Michael Agassi on September 15 when she was only three months pregnant.)

People come, people go. There were many births but there were also many who passed away: Director Joey Gosiengfiao (best known for the cult classic “Temptation Island”), Premier Productions star Lily Marquez (real name is Jean Kookooritchkin), comedian-singer Yoyoy Villame, character actress Nenita Jana of Sampaguita Pictures, actor-director Edwin O’Hara, radio personality Kuya Cesar Nocum, writers Joey Diego, Ross F. Celino, Ben de la Cruz and Ed Ramos Bautista (in the U.S.), Pete Roa, Pete Cruzado, Ramon Zamora, and Nida Blanca’s ex-husband Rod Strunk who’s the prime suspect in her murder and who later committed suicide in the U.S. Let’s all pray for the repose of their souls. TO BE CONTINUED

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