Yayo voted out of PBB house; Gaby stays

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Two voters on Sunday decided to keep racer Gaby dela Merced inside the PBB House and booted out actress Yayo Aguila from the TV reality show permanently.

Aguila earlier expressed her desire to return to the PBB house after making a voluntary exit to be with her family and relatives following the death of her mother on December 18.

When Aguila’s mother was laid to rest on Saturday, December 22, the actress negotiated for her return to the PBB house. “Ipaglalaban ko ang karapatan ko.

Hindi ko naman sinadya na mamatay ang nanay ko, ah (I will fight for my right to return to Big Brother House. It wasn’t my fault that my mom died),” said Aguila.

Endemol, the worldwide owner of the Big Brother franchise, had decreed that Yayo could only get a chance to return to the PBB house if one of the other six remaining housemates would make a voluntary exit in Yayo’s place.

Aguila’s fellow celebrity housemate, Filipina racer Gaby dela Merced, offered to sacrifice herself and exit the house in exchange for the former’s return.

Instead of accepting Merced’s sacrifice outright, Endemol gave another condition: the fates of Aguila and Merced would be put in the hands of PBB viewers and voters who were to text in their pick for who gets to stay inside the PBB house.

After Pinoy Big Brother’s 24-hour deadline elapsed, Aguila had a little over 25 percent of the votes while Merced had nearly 75 percent. After the poll results were revealed, Aguila told Merced, “I’m ready to go home.”

Aguila made a voluntary exit from the Pinoy Big Brother House on December 18 to visit her mother, Helen Racelis, who was rushed to the Chinese General Hospital after she suffered a heart attack.

When Aguila reached the hospital however, her mother was already dead.

Martinez however wants his wife to take things easy considering her family history of hypertension and recent family tragedies.

The actor revealed that Yayo’s real father, according to William, has just suffered a stroke and now has to be confined to a wheelchair. Her stepdad on the other hand passed away last year after a heart attack.

“I was advising nga Yayo to take care of herself. Lately, bago siya pumasok sa ‘PBB,’ sumakit ‘yong kanyang batok at may pumutok na ugat. Sabi ko, ingatan niya dahil baka sumunod siya sa nanay niya. (Before she got in ‘PBB,’ her nape pained her because a vein burst. I told her to take care of herself because she might end up like her mother),” said Martinez.

Upon her final and irrevocable exit from the Pinoy Big Brother House on Sunday, Aguila told PBB host Toni Gonzaga that she feels better about saying goodbye this time around.

Aguila explained that during her first exit from the house on Tuesday, she didn’t feel too good about saying goodbye because it was due to her mother’s death. On her exit last Sunday however, the actress said that she is happy for the great memories and friendships she received during her stint at the PBB Celebrity Edition Season 2.

The housemates also put together P400,000 extracted from the total monies comprising the Big Four prizes, as donation to Aguila’s family. However, since Yayo’s fate was put to a vote, this money was put at stake during the poll as well.

Due to this development, either Aguila or dela Merced could have received the money, depending on who ended up getting majority of the votes.

In the end, Aguila was the one to receive the P400,000 donation. Prior to her voluntary exit, Aguila was considered one of the strongest contenders for the Big Four housemates set to receive the major prizes at the TV reality show’s grand finale, the Big Night on January 5, 2008.

Endemol has also doubled the prizes at stake for the Big Four. The 4th Big Placer will now get P400,000; the 3rd Big Placer P600,000; and the 2nd Big Placer P1.000,000. The Big Winner will receive a Sony Bravia, a Goodah business franchise package, a condominium unit at Chateau Valenzuela and P2,000,000.



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