Piolo intends to settle down in five years

In five years, Piolo Pascual, considered as one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, is ready to settle down. Yes, you heard it right. The actor, who is turning 31 on Jan. 12, is set to find a partner with whom he wants to share the rest of his life with.

“I believe everyone has a destined partner from the time he was born,” Piolo asserts. “I’m constantly searching and looking. I’m patiently waiting for someone whom God will give to me.”

When the time comes for him to get married to his ideal woman, Piolo says he wants to slow down from showbiz and focus on having a family. “The five remaining years of my bachelorhood, I will work hard and save up,” he grants. “Then, when I’ve found the right girl, I will ask her to marry me and I will work at having a family.”

His ideal woman has to be “God-fearing,” according to Piolo. “Everytime I go out with someone, I pray to God and check myself if she has the qualities in a girl that I’m looking for,” Piolo offers. “Are we okay? Do we share the same interests and likes? Is she comfortable with me around? I look ahead if we want to stay together. If I sense she’s the girl given by the Lord to me, then I will lose no time to propose to her.”

At present, however, Piolo admits there is just no special someone in his life, although he claims to be in love. “I’m always in love… with my work, with the Lord,” he says. “But that girl has yet to come. I really pray about it and trust what I feel.”

Blind dates are not for him, just to find the ideal partner. “I have no time for blind dates,” he insists. “For me, they’re just a waste of time and effort. I don’t want to just mess around.”

His altar date, Piolo says, has to be as intimate as possible, with a maximum of only 200 guests. He prefers not to have any press coverage and does not even think of selling the rights to any TV network, perhaps even to ABS-CBN.

“I don’t want to break the solemnity of the occasion by turning my wedding into a circus,” Piolo says. “I want to enjoy every minute of it. The atmosphere has to be light and there should be no pressure. I cried during Claudine’s (Barretto) wedding. She and Raymart (Santiago) were both so sincere and heartfelt when they said their marriage vows. The entire ceremony was so beautiful.”

The ideal, if not perfect honeymoon for Piolo is in a place where he and his partner haven’t been to. “I love going to Europe, but it’s got to be some place we can both experience and explore,” he says. “That way, the honeymoon will be memorable for both of us.”

He plans of having four more kids, now that he has a 10-year-old son, Iñigo, who is studying in Los Angeles. He finds time to visit and bond with Iñigo every time he goes on a US concert tour. Meanwhile, he always saves up for the annual Asian vacation with his family.

Piolo may have trotted the globe as part of his showbiz work, doing concerts, films and shows — in the US, Guam, Australia, Rome, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Norway, France and Italy — but at the end of the day, Piolo always comes home.

“The Philippines will always be my home,” says Piolo. “After I was chosen as a member of Star Circle Batch 3, I lived for a year in California with my mom. It was when I returned to the Philippines that my career kicked off and things fell into place for me.”

Since then, there was no more turning back for Piolo, who rose to become one of the most bankable male actors in local showbiz today. He has been successful in his every endeavor, be it TV, film, recording, the concert scene and product endorsements.

Interestingly, Piolo is inspired to talk about his dream altar date as he endorses the special wedding packages being offered by Max’s, the Filipino restaurant chain famous for its yummy fried chicken. His latest TV commercial for Max’s, Around the World, depicts his desire to always come home after he journeys across different countries and meets different kinds of people.

“We want to reinforce to the public the tradition of having your wedding reception at Max’s,” says Max’s VP for marketing Jim Fuentebella. “Max’s is still very much a venue for wedding functions. In fact, we are upgrading the wedding reception package to make it more special. We want to give every couple the Max’s experience and make their wedding more memorable.”

Jim is among the third generation owners of Max’s whose grandmother, Ruby Trota, prepared the first Max’s chicken during World War II. The story of how Max’s was born was even dramatized on Maalaala Mo Kaya. “I wasn’t even born yet when the first Max’s was built in 1945,” 39-year-old Jim allows. “But as part of the third generation owners, we have a responsibility to continue the business and make it flourish.”

Long before Piolo started endorsing Max’s, he has already had a long-standing love affair with the restaurant. “I distinctly remember the first wedding I attended as a coin bearer and the reception was held at Max’s,” Piolo enthuses. “That was when I discovered Max’s fried chicken. Max’s has been part of Filipino culture and tradition for more than 60 years now.”

Piolo recently marked his 10th anniversary in showbiz and five of those glorious years were spent endorsing Max’s, starting from 2002 when his career was only starting to take off. Quite unforgettable was his first series of Max’s TV commercials with then virtually unknown Isabel Oli, playing his childhood sweetheart.

The new TVC mirrors Piolo’s successful foray into showbiz and his ascent to stardom, as he traveled all over the globe and conquered greater heights without forgetting his roots.



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