‘Wowowee’ brouhaha revived

AND we thought the “Wowowee-Wilyonaryo” cheating brouhaha that caused a word war between Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame was over. Well, looks like it’s gonna be revived due to an incriminating video footage currently displayed on YouTube. Called “Kita Mo, Ang Katotoha-nan sa Wilyonaryo scam ng Wowowee”), whoever posted it then notified entertainment writers like us to say how to access it.

It was posted by someone name Bogardito 69. Whoever he is, he must be from ABS-CBN as only someone connected with the studio would have access to the footage. Is he one of the “Wowowee” staffers allegedly fired after the incident? It could be they didn’t like being used as the scapegoat and this is their way of taking revenge.

The video shows hosts Willie Revillame, Mariel Rodriguez and crying lady Valerie Concepcion still not fully dressed up, rehearsing the Wilyonaryo game portion with their dancers. This is shown in detail, including the part that shows that more than one number was placed inside the gold wheel that Willie opens while haggling with a woman who pretended to be a contestant.

It’s shown that even the reactions of contestants are not spontaneous but also faked. This can be very damaging as it shows that what happened in the show in August was not a mere technical glitch, as they claimed. Now that the show’s rating continues to dwindle, they better come up with a more persuasively believable explanation. Wonder what Joey de Leon will say about this now.

Journal Online


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