Boxers don’t walk out: Pacquiao

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao expressed his disappointment upon hearing the news about the walkout of Filipino boxers in the Southeast Asian Games in Thailand in his column, Kumbinasyon at

The Filipino boxers walked out of their fights in protest after they felt they were cheated by bias referees and judges.

Pacquiao said he understands how they felt about being cheated, but he said that they shouldn’t just walk out every time they feel so. He said they should just accept the outcome of their battles.

“I don’t blame them for what they did. I know they have a reason for what they did,” said Pacquiao in his column entitled “Bawi na lang sa susunod.”

Pacman said that the Filipino boxers are way better than the Thai boxers.

Even if our fighters in the SEA games are not Class-A fighters they could win if they train hard enough, Pacquiao said.

He set his fight with Marquez as an example of a controversial decision.

“Like when I fought Juan Marquez, I knocked him down three times, they decided that it was a draw. There was nothing I could do because the fight already ended and they already had a decision,” said Pacquaio in his column.

Pacquiao assured that what happened in their first encounter with Marquez will never happen again.

“In our rematch this coming March 2008, this is payback and I’ll do all I can in my fight to not make it a draw again.” He added.

Pacquiao said that what is done is done and we shouldn’t think about it. We should think about the future fights.

“All the boxers who fought in Thailand, just do your best next time,” advised Pacquiao.



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