Believing in happy endings again

Have you noticed that there’s not much “good” news on TV? That there’s more negative news around?

It seems that subconsciously, our minds are more attracted to or interested in negative things happening around us.

But what about the good people who do extraordinary things everyday? What about those who go out of their way to help make our communities a better place to live in? Do we give them credit?

Very few shows are dedicated to people’s needs.

After a few years in the industry, I finally got the golden chance to stand as “gift-giver” on GMA 7’s Wish Ko Lang. It has always been my dream to find a way to reach out to the less-fortunate.

I am not exactly in the best position to provide for those I’d like to help, but who is? One of the best gifts I received before this year ends is the chance to participate in making someone else’s life better.

The Wish Ko Lang staff flew me over to Surigao del Sur to experience something very wild and fruitful.

I say wild because we were able to prove the saying “Good things are not easy to get.”

Our trip to Surigao took a little over an hour by plane. Then, we traveled four hours by land.

It wasn’t easy. The weather wasn’t perfect for the trip I shared with four wonderful staff members, Eugene Lalaan, Ramil Calixtro, Marlon Martinez and Robert Oriondo.

It was raining and the roads we had to pass were under construction. This made the trip even bumpier.

It was tiring, but as soon as we got there in time for dinner, the fresh seafood by the ocean was well worth the wait and the trip itself.

We then reached Cantilan and rested for the next day’s shoot. Our trip to the island where we would meet the Bucalon family was quite amusing.

We took a very nice 45-minute boat ride. I felt right at home somehow. We got there and were welcomed with pure southern hospitality.

Fisherman Tatay Sulpicio has been living on “Double B” island as caretaker for nearly 30 years now. He shares his home with his wife and their youngest daughter Narissa. They earn a living by diving for seashells and fish, then selling them in the city.

The absence of electricity on the island caught my attention. At night, they only use gas lamps whose pitch-black smoke is harmful to their health. My heart goes out to families who stay together despite this sad condition.

Tatay Sulpicio has made me believe in happy endings again. I look up to him and his family because I can see the love and effort they exert to remain intact.

Spending one day with them has given me hope.

Their story may be very common for a lot of us, but experiencing what they do everyday makes us realize life is not as hard as we think it is and that happiness is priceless.

For me, this TV guesting is a lifetime favor from Wish Ko Lang. I can say over and over again that I’ve learned new things I never would’ve thought of if it weren’t for this wonderful experience.

The first half of our story aired yesterday, so please do find time to share this great experience of mine next Saturday on Wish Ko Lang. You will also view stories from Luzon and Visayas with Isabel Oli and Rhian Ramos, respectively.

I hope that watching these shows will make us learn something new every week and appreciate what God has blessed us with. Thank you so much for having me, Ms. Vicky Morales and the Wish Ko Lang staff!

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