RP still not top investment site – int’l poll

Despite experiencing record economic growth, the Philippines is still not one of the most attractive destinations for foreign direct investments, the latest study by international consulting firm A.T. Kearney showed.

A.T. Kearney polls senior executive worldwide, and comes up with a list of the 25 most attractive investment sites based on the poll results. The Philippines was not part of the list produced by A.T. Kearney’s 2007 poll, just like in 2005 when the country was also nowhere among the choice destinations for FDIs.

The latest poll showed that China and India are the most favored locations for FDIs followed by United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

The Philippines’ peers in the Southeast Asian region fared better with Singapore ranking 7th; Vietnam, 12th; Malaysia, 16th and Indonesia, 21st.

The FDI index provides a look at the present and future prospects for international investment flows. Companies participating in the survey are included in the top 1,000 firms and account for more that $3.8 trillion in global revenue.

Others included in the poll were Brazil, 6th; United Arab Emirates, 8th; Russia, 9th; Germany, 10th; Australia, 11th: France, 13th: Canada, 14th: and Japan, 15th.

Meanwhile other Gulf States placed 17th; South Africa, 18th; Mexico, 19th; Turkey, 20th; Poland, 22nd; Central Asia, 23rd; South Korea, 24th; and Czech Republic, 25th.

The consulting firm said the emerging markets also have registered the strongest investor optimism, with India, China, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam experiencing the most positive change in investment outlook during the last year according to executives.

“While global FDI recovers further from its 2003 lows, the increasingly transnational behavior of corporations is reflected in their investment preferences. Developed countries are competing with developing countries for investment capital, and developing countries are increasingly winning out,” A.T. Kearney said.

A.T. Kearney is a global strategic management consulting firm known for helping clients gain lasting results through a unique combination of strategic insight and collaborative working style. The firm was established in 1926 to provide management advice concerning issues on the CEO’s agenda.



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