Pinoy cagers bury Cambodians, 136-82, in 1st SEA Games match

The Philippine cagers buried their Cambodian opponents with a 54-point lead to win their first match, 136-82, at the 24th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games Friday afternoon at the Keelapirom Stadium in Nakhron Ratchasima in Thailand.

The Filipinos, coached by Junel Baculi, never gave the Cambodians a chance as they ended the very first quarter with a 17-point lead, 33-16, followed by a 44-point lead at the end of the second, 70-26, and a 52-point lead at the end of the third, 106-54.

Beau Belga led the Filipinos in scoring with 17 points, with his teammates sharing almost equally the balance. Jonathan Fernandez made 16, and Boyet Bautista and Allan Salansang made 15 points each.

Five nations are competing in the single round-robin tournament with the leading team after the round bagging the championship.

On Sunday, the Nationals will face Indonesia, followed by Malaysia on Tuesday and Thailand on Thursday.



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