GMA, QTV and ABS-CBN nominations at the New York Festival

The Philippines got 18 nominations from the Top 3 networks (GMA, ABS-CBN and QTV) from the New York Festival.

The nominees from GMA-7 and QTV-11 are:

Art Angel: Sculpture
Special Educational/ Instructional Elementary

Emergency: Mga Batang Nagsusunog (Kids Burning Copper)
Social Issues/Current Events

I-Witness: Alaga (Parasites)
Social Issues/Current Events

I-Witness: Huling Hala Bira! (The Last Hurrah!)
Community Portraits

I-Witness: Iskul Ko, No. 1! (My School is Number 1!)
Social Issues/Current Events

I-Witness: Sa Mata ni Ekang (Through the Eyes of Ekang)
Social Issues/Current Events

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Scallops/Boxing
Social Issues/Current Events

News Promo (Generic)

Reporter’s Notebook: Batang Kalakal (Child Scavengers)
Inserts: Human Interest

Reporter’s Notebook: Engkuwentro (Crossfire)
Inserts: Coverage of On-Going Story

Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok! (Knock-Knock-Knock, Let One Million Pesos In!)

At Your Service, Star Power
Community Service Programs

Sana’y Muling Makapiling (Longing for a Reunion)
Social Issues/Current Events

Sapulso (The Pulse)
Magazine Format

The nominees from ABS-CBN are:

9/11: The Philippine Connection
News Documentary/Special

Halalan Lights
News Promo (Special Series)

Remembering (Jail episode)

XXX: Exclusive, Explosive, Expose
Public Affairs Program

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