‘Let’s part ways,’ an upset Jamby tells Trillanes

Not only he lost the November 29 uprising, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV even found himself Thursday having one ally less.

Sen. Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal did not only junked plans to visit Trillanes at Camp Crame detention center but also burned her bridges with the rebellious former navy officer for leading the Manila Peninsula Hotel stunt.

“Thank you, Sonny (Trillanes’s nickname). But let us just part ways,” a disappointed Madrigal told GMA News.

Madrigal, who actively supported Trillanes in the last senatorial elections, said she rejected the neophyte senator’s idea of replacing the Arroyo administration through extra-constitutional means.

“Nagpagamit lamang siya sa mga trapo na gumugustong kumuha ng poder sa lahat ng paraan (He allowed himself to be used by traditional politicians who would grab power what ever it takes),” she said.

Madrigal did not join Thursday two opposition senators – Aquilino Pimentel Jr and Panfilo Lacson – who paid Trillanes a visit in jail.

Pimentel said he acted like a good father to Trillanes, reminding the neophyte lawmaker to keep himself “out of trouble.”

“I told him, Sonny, you got 11 million votes [in the last elections], and these are votes for your candidacy in the Senate not as a leader of an undertaking to oust the President,” Pimentel said.

He added: “There is no love lost between me and Gloria. I want her out soonest
possible. But I don’t want it done with the use of violence. That is
another matter.”

Pimentel said the place of detention for Trillanes and the other accused should not be an issue to them amid plans by the government to move them to New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City.

“Believe it or not, for me, wherever you are detained, you should stand by the cause you fought for. During the time of Marcos, I was detained anywhere but I did not complain,” Pimentel said.


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