Angel mas beautiful sa GMA

AFTER her okrayistic episode with ABC-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother where she became a guest housemate for a single day, things, I suppose, will never be the same again for Angel Locsin who was made to appear like a young witch and not the supposedly angelic actress that she was always been at GMA.

Sa totoo lang, well-sculpted ang katawan niya sa Mulawin at super slim and young naman siya sa Darna.

Sa Asian Treasures naman nila ni Robin Padilla, parang Charlie’s Angels, Pinay version, ang kanyang arrive.

In short, she was always looking her best at the network that made her a star, while at ABS, she now looks wasted, too fleshy for comfort and a lot older than her years.

Kung ikukumpara kina Bianca Gonzales, Mariel Rodriguez at Toni Gonzaga who look delectably pretty sans make-up, she would appear like a dud.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Si Mariel kasi, even if I don’t like her one bit, you really have to admit that she looks fresh and gorgeous without any make-up on.

The same thing applies or can be said with Bianca and Toni who exude that delicate girlish aura even without the fabulous getups that they have always worn on teevee.

But Angel happens to be a big disappointment.

‘Yung lamlam ng kanyang mga mata at kakinisan ng balat sa kanyang Avon commercial ay in absentia kapag hindi pala expert ang nagmi-make-up sa kanya.

Also, without those flattering concealers that are assiduously applied on her bag area and her face as a whole, honey, she looks too plebeian for an actress.

Ha! Ha! Ha

I’ve also noticed that she has gained a lot of unflattering poundage lately and it shows very much on teevee.

Ilang tulugan na lang at close fight na silang dalawa ni Tetay Aquino na punung-puno ng alige ang katawan.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

No wonder, she opted not to stay that long unlike Toni G. who stayed for almost a week at Kuya’s abode.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Kaya ang moral ng story, a movie star should always be on her toes and should always be fussy and meticulous of her appearance.

Huwag ng hintayin ni Locsin na ang role na natotoka ngayon kay Rosanggita ay mapunta sa kanya. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Aray ko! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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