Carlene: Dennis double-crossed me; he is not 26; he’s really 28

Last Sunday, Nov. 25, Dennis Trillo finally broke his silence in an extensive piece in Conversations with Ricky Lo.

Here’s a reaction from Carlene Aguilar (her last say?), mother of Dennis’ son Calix Andreas Aguilar Ho. In the spirit of fair play, Funfare is putting it out in full:

Hi, Tito Ricky. In fairness to your avid readers I would like to clarify the following regarding your Nov. 25 article Dennis the Menace or Dennis the Macho:

Calix, my mom and I came home from the States on Oct. 26, not Oct. 29 as published.

Contrary to what Dennis claimed, our five-year relationship was not complicated before I left for the States and hindi kagaya ng sinasabi ni Dennis na madami kaming problema at magulo kami even before I got pregnant. Sa relationship namin once lang kami nag-cool-off, and that was in 2005 when Dennis was linked to a sexy star.

His letter to me dated May 19, 2007, should explain everything. I quote “…wala namang pwedeng pumalit sa ’yo; alam mo naman yun. Babawi ako sa inyo ng anak natin paguwi nyo. I love you very much.”

This shows na wala kaming problema when I left for the States. I left for the States nung May 19, 2007. (I will show you the letter he gave me when we meet, Tito Ricky)

Also, Dennis is welcome sa house. Minsan nga pinagluluto pa yan ng Mommy ko at nakakausap niya ang Dad ko. Me naman, I go out with her sisters and minsan nakaka-badminton ko parents niya. You even saw us sa Hong Kong with his family, di ba, Tito Ricky?

Pati age niya nagla-lie sya. He’s not 26; he’s really 28!

Our relationship went on smoothly even when I was in the States. He would text and call me all the time, hanggang sa nababalitaan ko na there’s something going on between him and Cristine Reyes. I kept on asking him but he kept on denying and reassuring me na ako lang at ’wag daw ako mag-isip ng kung anu-ano. Basta, the bottom line, Tito Ricky, is that he definitely double-crossed me. It’s also obvious that he is not a one-woman-man!

I mentioned in interview with The Buzz that I guess or I think he’s loyal but now I’m sure he’s not. It’s not our fault if he can’t experience what other fathers do because he doesn’t want me and Calix to stay in his condo to maintain daw his single status. I’m blessed with parents who didn’t have second thoughts about taking care of us. I also would not entertain the idea of living with Dennis’ parents. During my entire pregnancy, I didn’t get a single call or text from his parents.

Frankly speaking, Tito Ricky, I hope and pray that he will become a good father to Calix. But after I read your article and saw his interview on Startalk, I’m having second thoughts.

I’ve known Dennis for five years and from what I saw in his TV interview, his eyes showed he was sad. I know that what he said did not really come from his heart. I hope next time na magpa-interview siya he will speak the whole truth.

As for me and Calix, we are very happy and we are willing to share “true happiness” with him ONLY if he realizes and be truly sorry for his mistakes.

RICARDO F. LO, Funfare
The Philippine Star


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