ABS-CBN: “Pinoy Big Brother” celebrity housemates list not yet final

ABS-CBN management clarified that the list of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition housemates released by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) earlier today, October 12, is not yet final.

In a report by TV Patrol World earlier tonight, it said that the PBB production team holds 20 possible names of celebrities for the upcoming show. In case a housemate becomes unavailable, the replacements will be on hand.

PEP’s Noel Orsal prepared a blind item story on the possible housemates in its Peeping Toms section. The first part was published last Wednesday where the readers were asked to guess seven female celebrity housemates. PEP readers were made to guess on the male celebrity housemates on the second installment made available yesterday.

The readers guessed the following celebrities based on the clues given by Peeping Toms: comedienne Ethel Booba; young actress Megan Young; acterss Yayo Aguila; beauty queens Rizza Santos and Zarah Aldana; and two Deal or No Deal girls.

The other names mentioned by the readers are that of young actor Baron Geisler and his brother Donald Geisler; former Orange & Lemons vocalist Macoy Fundales; and models Jon Avila, Victor Basa, and Will Devaughn.

PBB co-host Mariel Rodriguez said that one of the housemates in the first Celebrity Edition would not have been included.

“During their edition [pointing to PBB co-host Bianca Gonzales] dapat nung the day itself, mag-aalis ng isa,” Mariel said.

Mariel was possibly referring to radio DJ Rico Robles, who was all set to enter the PBB house. Rico had a contractual problem with PBB productions. He signed a contract renewal with Monster Radio 93.1, his radio station, two days before entering the house. The problem was easily resolved with Rico participating in the first Celebrity Edition.

Miss Earth-Canada Rizza Santos was also surprised that she was included in the list of possible housemates. The newly-signed Viva artist said she would rather concentrate building up her acting and singing career here in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, PEP received additional information about the identity of two other possible celebrity housemates, who already had their pictorial yesterday. These are midget comedienne Mahal and controversial model Andrew Wolff.

The second celebrity edition of Pinoy Big Brother is set to premiere this Sunday, October 14.

Philippine Entertainment Portal



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    Benjamin Says:

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    ganda mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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