Garci lawyer to Doble: You will land in prison

Retired military intelligence agent Vidal Doble admitted to a crime when he declared to Sen. Panfilo Lacson in a videotaped conversation that he tapped a telephone conversation between President Arroyo and former election commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, the former lawyer of Garcillano said yesterday.

Lawyer Ed Tamondong said Doble’s admission would land him in prison.

“Doble’s declaration has rendered him a self-confessed felon,” Tamondong told The STAR in a telephone interview.

Tamondong said his statement is his personal opinion and Garcillano had nothing to do with it.

He has lost contact with Garcillano, who ran for Congress in the 3rd district of Bukidnon last May, he added.

Tamondong said by his admission, Doble has provided the “smoking gun” that may drag down his sponsors and handlers with whom he allegedly shared his illegal enterprise.

“Poor fellow, the so-called evidence is garbage that’s worthless, and in any quasi-judicial or legislative proceedings, he will end up in prison like (Leandro) Aragoncillo… (They) allowed themselves to be used,” he said, referring to the former federal agent now servng time in a US prison for espionage.

Tamondong was Garcillano’s lawyer at the height of the congressional inquiry into the “Hello Garci” controversy.


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